We offer a Wide Range of Services
Ranging from A/C Maintenance to HVAC Projects .

About Us

BINSA Electro Mechanic & Contracting Est. incorporated on 1st August 1993  in the field of Air conditioning services in the United Arab Emirates.  We are able to offer a wide range of services ranging from A/C Maintenance to HVAC Projects.  Over the years it has progressed to become a leading service provider in the industry, with its lasting reliability and customer satisfaction.

The vision of the company is to go beyond the customer expectations by a team of self-motivated professionally qualified and experienced Engineers and Technicians.

Our commitment to provide quality service is an assurance of reliability and support to our valued customers across the board.

The BINSA takes privilege in serving potential customers. The organization is built with a state of art technology. The BINSA always uses a premium choice of equipment’s. The organization strives hard to keep up with its customer reputation.

We have a single mission and that is to serve and succeed. The work team employed at the BINSA is highly qualified and experienced. We are experts in devising the best ever electromechanical services. Here at BINSA we undertake the contracting of business and the delivery of services, all this happens under a solitary roof. The total service delivered by us at BINSA is reputed for its superiority and fineness.

Here at BINSA we march our ways to a new beginning. Our goals are clear and straight forward. We work with a positive motto and this is our greatest strength. A good beginning with a customer will always produce a perfect ending. Our journey in the electromechanical field from the year 1993 has given us the ambition to rule the international market. Whether it’s the contractors or marketers, we introduce ourselves with confidence. Our sincerity has taken us to great echelons.

The company does not compromise with quality. The production levels are challenged, to meet the current end market requirements. The employees are trained to convene the global market. We at BINSA have a standard set of rules and principles, which keeps us at an utmost position. Our measurements are done against the most renowned factors of benchmarks. The BINSA is a place where one can rely on the service devoured. We have a professional team which delivers superfluous services.

We at BINSA deal with a wide range of electromechanical services. The portfolio comprises of all HVAC and Air-Conditioning maintenance services. The technical support always comes in hand with the novel electromechanical solution. The service is devoured to attract the customer satisfaction. 24 X 7 & 365 Days we at BINSA promise to work. Our commitments come with a foremost guarantee. We have a mission that has a clear vision. We believe that our organization has reached heights with the kind of relationship that we establish with our clients for the last 21 years.

We believe that you who are reading the page would find a great connotation and quality in our work. We hope to work with you. Your positive approach will be appreciated and responded at the earliest.

Why choose us
Dedicated staff, Distinct Services
Worked with leading companies
Perfection and Client’s Satisfaction
Services of International Standards
Prominence and Professionalism
Unmatched work Experience
Dominators in Electromechanical Services

Safety and reliability are the key requirements for high specification electromechanical engineering. BINSA is totally committed to a policy of prevention, reduction and elimination of all undesired events that could or do result in loss. We take extra care when it comes to health and safety. We have set our health and safety policy according to the international standards to avoid any unfortunate incident. Our health and safety policy is based on the following objectives:


  • BINSA ELECTROMECHANICAL & CONTRACTING is committed to providing Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of Electromechanical works to its clients for various Industrial, Commercial and Residential projects.
  • BINSA management will provide sufficient and appropriate resources to implement and achieve quality objectives within definite programs and schedules to meet customer requirement as well as regulatory and obligatory requirements.
  • BINSA will continually seek to improve its quality management system effectiveness towards more customer satisfaction by refining its Project Quality Plan through use of advanced technology, quality products and training of staff and implementing quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
  • BINSA will carry out all operations in a safe and timely manner, to the benefit of the client, the employees and the company in general.
  • The BINSA management will review the quality policy on annual basis in line with the company annual quality objectives.


  • BINSA’s health and safety policy is to meet the safety requirements including all applicable codes, standards and regulations.
  • The BINSA management shall vigorously pursue safety of operations, materials, workmen and environment.
  • Necessary and reasonable resources shall be taken to safeguard environment and health of personnel and third parties directly involved in BINSA’s operations by providing a safe working environment.
  • The BINSA management shall investigate any accident with a view to ascertain all the responsible elements in order to avoid recurrence. Training of subordinate staff shall be the duty of supervisors while they give necessary back up for effective coverage.
  • BINSA is committed to minimizing the impact of its operations on the environment, through the protection of the materials, equipment and components from damages resulting from improper operations.
  • Physical infrastructure necessary for employee’s personal protection shall be provided for use as required.
  • All recognized codes, standards, and statutory regulations, shall be rigidly adhered to in all our operations In conclusion, we shall operate from the viewpoint that all work - place accidents and other down-grading occurrence are preventable.

Our Activities - Air conditioning & Ventilation (HVAC)

We are proud to challenge, the big and small players in the industry, to provide services like us because our human resources are masters in their fields. We offer complete design, supply, installation testing and commissioning of all types of HVAC WORKS for 

Centralized cooling system
District cooling system
Smoke Extract and pressurization system.
Ducting & chilled water piping
Centralized or individual ventilation / exhausts

Our Auditors - Rao & Ross Chartered Accountants, Dubai

Our Own Transport